Friday, April 27, 2007's up, it's down, it's up again

If you were trying to get into TechTrax, (my very popular free technical ezine) this week, chances are you may have gotten a Page Not Found error. Although later the error was upgraded to Page Unable to be Displayed. Also, if you've been trying to use any of my article links to get to any of my additional free tutorials in Computor Companion, you're still getting errors.

Not to worry, the sites will be back. But a server went belly up this week. However, thankfully, Susan Daffron has great backups running so she was able to restore TechTrax after two days of being offline. But then, under the heading of things only go wrong when you leave town, the server just happened to go down right after they were finally able to sneak away for a little R&R this week.

They were able to get a few band-aid IPs to run minimal sites, so wonderful folks that Susan and James are (owners of, they took one IP for their own email just to keep in touch with the outside world while away, but gave TechTrax the other one! So TechTrax is now up and fact by now they've also restored it to a shiny, new server. But all their own Logical Expresssion sites are still down until they return this weekend and are able to restore those sites.

Thanks for all the hard work restoring TechTrax this week, Suz & James. HA...but then again I bet you won't go rubbing in the fact that you're off to Hawaii next time! Hope you had a few moments to enjoy your vacation.

And to those of you who were unable to access the articles you needed...we're very sorry! TechTrax is back up now. Although I'm still unable to get into the backend software to post the April edition of TechTrax. But I will as soon as James gets that part rolling early next week.

Thanks for your understanding, folks!