Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quiet Those Dog Tags

If you have a dog, you may not even notice how much jingling those dog tags do. With three dogs, and a couple of grand-puppies who also come by for their weekly doggie-daycare play date in my home, all those tags can make you crazy.

I also create a lot of free computer training videos . There I am sitting at my desk trying to concentrate on what I'm teaching users and hoping for a few minutes of quiet as I record technical instructions, and here comes the noise...jingle, jingle, jingle! One of the dogs innocently walks into the room and their dog tags are jingling away. Very distracting.

But about a year ago, I found a fantastic cure...Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencers!

These are simple, little tag pouches that stop all that jingling. You just slip it over the tags on your pet's collar, wrap the tiny velcro straps around the tag ring on the collar and they're good to go. A bonus is that the logo on the pouch is imprinted in light sensitive ink to help your pet be seen at night.

Even if the jingling doesn't really bother you, tags can easily become worn causing that important identification information to be lost over the years as the tags rub against each other. The Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencers help protect tags because it holds them securely so they don't rub against each other helping to ensure that ID tags remain readable for years.

Know that I have no personal connection to this company or this product. I just have a lot of pets and am thrilled that I no longer have to listen to all that jingling!

You can purchase these pouches on their web site at Or go to their web site and find a retail pet store in your area that sells them.