Sunday, April 15, 2007

My New Software LOVE!

Okay, saying I'm in love with software is a bit extreme<smile>…but I must admit that one software program once did literally change my life. Microsoft Word came into my world back in 1994 when I was forced to learn it. Which I did…kicking and screaming! I'd been a Word Perfect guru and instructor when my boss dumped a 1,300 page Word developer's book on my desk and asked me how fast I could learn it. Begrudgingly, I quickly did learn it and that fact changed my life.

Within months I got a promotion from graphic designer to developer…a few months after that I became a Microsoft MVP…a couple months later I went to my first Microsoft Summit…where I met Greg Chapman…came home, divorced my (miserable<eg>) husband…started an amazing new life with Greg…and soon moved from the corporate world into a cool career as a Word developer, instructor, web dev, writer and editor. All thanks to learning a software program!

Now I don't expect my new love to change my life as drastically, but I'm suddenly feeling much more organized and seeing a brighter light at the end of that so much to do tunnel. What's this amazing software that could quite possibly change the way I live my life?

Microsoft OneNote!

Yup. It's actually been sitting on my computer for years now, although I've never gotten around to learning it. I used it a few times. "Humm, nice software." But I never experimented with using it on a regular basis. The version I'd tried was OneNote 2003, which is a good program. But I've been studying and using OneNote 2007 for about a week now and I'm realizing…it is amazing!

If you enjoy being organized or wish you could be, don't miss the next issues of TechTrax, my ezine, because I'll be adding training articles and videos on Microsoft OneNote.

This program is just too cool to keep to myself!