Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Zap the Developer

Ever wish you could send a little shock to the developer who designed the software program you're using...when it crashes? Who hasn't!

Of course, the error is never our fault, it's always the fault of the stupid software program, right?<smile> Or, it must be a bug because the developer messed up, eh? Being a developer myself, I know that's not usually the case. But even I have had my moments when I've become so frustrated with a piece of software that I'd like to toss the ol' computer out the window and I'm cursing the idiots who built the software that is giving me the fits.

Well, Microsoft TechNet has had a little fun with the idea of zapping the developers who build the software. They've put together a video spoofing their technical support response system. You've seen the dialog boxes asking you to send the error details to Microsoft, right? Those little dialog boxes pop up when you experience a problem asking you to Send or Don't Send. I do hope you are all clicking the SEND button, because the cryptic data that they receive helps pinpoint problem areas in software and does help a lot. And not to worry, they are not tracking you or swiping secret info.

Anyway, if you've ever been frustrated by software, you'll want to check out this Microsoft spoof video and get a well as a little satisfaction at the fantasy of how nice it would be to have it actually work!<grin>

Click the link below...and enjoy!

Microsoft TechNet...It's Showtime