Sunday, March 11, 2007

Initial Dropping

Sure, everybody is doing it. But that's not a reason to jump into the Blog pool. For the most part, I find blogs useless and who knows, Mouse Droppings may become that way, too.

But as I rush to pack for my flight tomorrow morning to my 6th MVP Summit at Microsoft (since becoming an MVP in 1995), I've been reading other's accounts of the event. So I figured it was time to chime in with some details, too.

However, I hope to also use this space as a nice location for useful tidbits and link this site from my very popular, free ezine, TechTrax. You can find TechTrax and its many hundreds of free technical articles and video computer training lessons by visiting this page:

Ahh! There's the ding of my dryer, so it's time to finish packing and also run to the store to buy all those tiny bottles of stuff so they don't kick me off the plane because I have more than 70 ounces of fluids with me!

Dian ~